My Slow Descent Into Health

May the Force be with you. 

Running on a treadmill may be great for some people, but for me it’s a thing of misery. I’m still very new to the running world and I’m just trying to keep on keeping on at this point. Luckily my motivation to keep trying is still high, and the results are obvious, which helps a lot. 

The results: 

I have not dropped much weight at all. I believe that is mostly because of food and while I am monitoring my food like OCD style, I am not hitting my marks every day. That’s a whole other issue. 

That being said, I went from a size 1X or XL to a size Large. 

Seriously, that in itself feels like a massive feat. It’s weird because my body “shape” hasn’t changed so much as it seems that I’ve just lost inches. Most of my clothes are now kind of baggy. I’m not measuring myself again yet (I know, I promised a six month, but I’m not ready yet. Don’t judge me) but it’s pretty apparent in my clothes. 

My loving husband keeps telling me to not worry about the scale (muscle vs fat ratio and what not) but that’s a tough thing to make myself do. I weigh myself almost daily sometimes and I see it go down steadily and then one bad day later, I’m up five lbs and it takes me another two weeks to drop it. 

See people, this is why we shouldn’t put it all on the scale. If I based this journey on that, I would feel like I have made no progress. 

End of the day, progress is absolutely being made. I run better, my clothes fit way better, and I feel good. So you know what? That’s good enough. 

The running app’s:

I’ve downloaded and started using an app called “Zombie, Run.” It runs a scenario for you while you run, as it also tracks your run. I’ve only used it indoor so far (still hot as balls outside, “feels like” 138 yesterday. NOPE.) but I’ve enjoyed it. 

Nothing in the world like it switching back to your music, and just as you get in the zone, you hear growling over your music. Since I had head phones in, I’ll admit- that shit put some pep in my step. The zombie fear is real in me, I know that now. 

End note: 

I also put my treadmill in my living room now. Not super aesthetically pleasing, but prudent. In my normal morning routine I get up and go downstairs and I’ll pop in a “don’t really need to watch but I like” movie and sometimes I’ll sip my coffee and watch a little, other times I just start cleaning. To adjust my habit to something more healthy, I put the treadmill there so that I’m likely to walk/run during that time instead. This morning it worked. I was on the treadmill for an hour. The beginning of it was a walk/run, the latter was an inclined speed walk. I feel pretty good about that.

Hopefully that will reflect in my food choices. I swear if I even walk down the chip isle it’s like 

Happy healthing everyone. May the Jedi in you and I be strong, and may the Force be with you. 



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