My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 29

This weeks short term goal for me was to make it to all five days of work outs. This morning, I did not want to go. I ache and I knew it would be painful. I went because I know the only way to change your body is to put some stress on it. So I figured I would go and give it my best. When I got there and there weren’t too many people there, I thought it might be ok. That today maybe wouldn’t be some life changing, earth shattering, uber challenging work out. I was… kinda dumb.

Today was one rep max (highest weight you can do this move one time with good form) press jerks (jump and slight squat while lifting bar bell up above you with straight arms). Then it was 200 double-unders or just jumping rope a mere 600 times if you can quite get the double-unders. Here’s the catch: Every minute on the minute you were also doing seven wall balls (squat and throw a medicine ball up) so after the first minute you had maybe 30 seconds to go back to your jumping rope. I ache a ton after yesterday’s work out and I also suck at jumping rope. I gave it what I had and tried to just knock it out. Today is the first day, in about three weeks, that I did not finish a work out. I could only seem to knock out 20-30 jumps in between wall balls. I was fighting being sore, and (this is dumb) I think the place I started jumping was uneven ground (it’s bricked) because I couldn’t get a rhythm going and I usually can. I moved after a few minutes and it went minimally better. When the other two ladies finished, I was still at about 250-300 jumps, and I could barely hack the jumps. I want to make it to tomorrow’s work out* and I ache like I never have before in my life. I had to make the call and not finish the jumps. I’m considering trying to do more jump roping here at home until I finish the 600 at least**, but I had already done probably 70 + wall balls, and I’m not sure how much more I could take and have the will to live. Never mind take care of three children. Then there was 50 push ups. I went ahead a little anyways (though I had already gotten a “did not finish”) and did 30.

So instead of beating myself up for not finishing, I’m going to be proud that I hopefully accomplish the first goal, but reevaluate and see if I should keep pushing for five days a week, or train four days a week. This will ultimately be a discussion for me and Ass Kicker, and I trust her judgement. I know she knows my goals, and will be honest about what is best. I mean, I didn’t die. So it’s not like I can’t do five days. I’m just seriously struggling by day four.

Food I am having: three eggs this morning, salad for lunch with either chicken or salmon. Dinner, I have no idea. I have broccoli and a whole chicken, and a few other good vegetable choices. Last night we had a roast chicken with roasted zucchini and pan seared green beans.

Food I will not be having: I am meeting a friend at Starbucks*** and I may order a black coffee. But that’s it.

Signing off.

*remember, this weeks goal

**maybe. Let me be honest. This is a highly optimistic goal. I still have laundry and want to go tomorrow.

*** masochist move right there.


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